Common Name: Kerr’s Cattleya [English Botanist 1900 to 1930]

Habitat: A Brazilian uni or bifoliate species from the Atlantic forest of Bahia State on trees in swampy margins with shade, high humidity and high rainfall that blooms on a terminal, short, few flowered inflorescence subtended by a basal sheath.

Plant Description: Medium sized

Flower Size:  3 1/4″ [8 cm]

Bloom Season:

Growing Temperature: Intermediate to Warm. In its native environment, summer days average 82-84 F (28-29 C), and nights average 71-72 F (22 C), with a diurnal range of 11-12 F (6-7 C). Winter days in its habitat average 77-79 F (25-26 C), and nights average 64-65 F (17-19 C), with a diurnal range of 9-11 F (5-6 C).

Humidity: Provide 80-85 percent humidity for most of the year. Its acceptable for summer humidity to drop into the 75-80 percent range.

Water: Plants should be watered regularly throughout the year, but they must dry rapidly after watering. Make sure that the plants never stay dry for long periods of time, however. Give mounted plants a daily misting in summer with a thorough soaking of the entire plant and slab twice a week in summer, or three times a week in extremely hot weather (adjust for your climate). Water should be reduced somewhat in winter, but plants should never stay dry for long periods.

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